Thursday, April 27, 2006

Computer Confusion / New Links

"The mountain does not speak but is often right.."

Jasper Friendly Bear

I did try to slap something up here earlier in the week, but for some reason the blog site kept crapping out on me and not uploading the post.
Who Knows?
Just went through a process of moving USP peripherals around my Mac G4. Several would only work on the main slot on the back of the machine - of which there are only two. Problem is I have three units (hard drive, printer, zip drive). pinter would not work on the powered 4 x expansion port. Hooked it up to the main box and it worked (loose the other two however). Put it BACK to the expansion port - and now it works. The zip drive runs on the expansion, but the hard drive has to sit on the main tower. Who can figure this out.

If anyone reading this can tell me how to get my internal DVD recorder (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4120B) to work correctly - there is a nice gift in it for you. The damn thing will not record DVD's either via Apple's system software OR via Toast. It read disks (both CD and DVD's ) fine. It records CD's fine. I've given up on it.

What I had wanted to post up earlier was a note that I have added some new material to the main WAREHAM FORGE web site - a separate links page on the Iron Smelting section.

Finally got a web site that I was creating (for a fee) finished and all installed:
I had thought that I could offer a basic web design and creation service to area artists. So many have basic e-mail service, but don't bother with the web site (that comes with hook up) because is all technobable to then. Not the smartest, since the web is by far the cheapest advertising for the dollar that you'll ever find. Maybe more on this latter...


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