Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Shows!

Just a sneak peak:

'Winter Wheat' - sculptural 'windbile'

'Shades of Ancient Seas #1 - Horseshoe Crab Spine' - desktop sculpture

'Shades of Ancient Seas #2 - Dragon Fish' - sculptural yard vane

'Fire at Heart' - sculpture : with glass by Catherine Vamvakas Lay

Although I have been busy with the Riverdale House railing project for the last two months, I have tried to get a few new sculptural pieces ready for exhibit. August is show month for me, and I'll be at the following locations over the next couple of weeks:

GODERICH - August 6 to 12 - Celtic College and Festival
OWEN SOUND - August 17 to 19 - Summerfolk
TORONTO - August 25 & 26 - OABA Showcase

Check the web sites indicated - or details on my own Upcoming Events section.
Hope to see you!



STAG said...

Hope your Goderich show went well. I was hoping to see you at Owen Sound, but you know how it is!

Karen said...

Bigger pictures, please! You'll probably sell all these pictures before I can see them in person next visit, and I love looking at the lines and contours of your work.


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