Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Forging the Elements

To my loyal readers:

Those of you who have been following my work knowthat for the last two months (not counting a lot of August) I have been working on a set of front porch railings for a home renovation in the Riverdale Park area of Toronto.

Another long toiling project here has been getting a new digital video camera and learning how to use it.

In an effort to keep my clients informed, I have been making up a photo essay describing the 'work in progress' on the Riverdale House. Along with that, I had shot a short video segment showing the actual process of forging one of the hundreds of individual elements required for the project.

If all the retail shows I have been away at this last month are not enough insanity, just today I have had a satellite internet uplink system installed here in Wareham. (Less said about Bell Canada's 1 KPS "service" level the better.) So one of my first tests of te new uplink was to add that same video element - as Quicktime movie to the web site...


I'm pretty happy with the results


Karen said...

The movie isn't working for me. I just get a blank screen.



Unnr said...

Me too.


Karen said...

Tried twice now, once from home with Firefox, and now from work with IE 6.0.

Still no luck.



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