Thursday, October 11, 2007

Support Our Troops Ribbons

For some time now I have been trying to get one of the 'Support our Troops' car decals. I have just not had much luck with this. From truck stops to Canadian Tire - no one seems to actually sell the things. A couple of weeks back I was talking to another blacksmith, Don Shears, who recently returned himself from a tour in Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces. A couple of days latter I got this source for the ribbon stickers from him:

... you asked about the magnetic "Support Our Troops" ribbons.

Below is a link to a page off of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CANEX) website, listing a massive variety of S.O.T's items (I didn't know how much of that stuff there was until I looked!) About halfway down the page are the ribbon magnets.

The cost is minimal - less than $8 with the postage and the taxes all together.

Worth doing...

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