Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beowulf / Shamol-wulf

I thought some of you would get a laugh out of this. The text found and forwarded to me by my wife Vandy. Remember those descriptions of pieces I had done for the long lost 'Outlander' film? Well everyone jumped on the bandwagon of our Anglo-Saxon Hero a while back. The lastest version is just hitting the theatres - and the * trailer * even looks like a bad video game...

From Antagony and Ecstasy, one of the movie review sites Vandy reads:

A cartoon is coming, || computer-created,
Generated on green-screen , || the graphics laid over.
Beowulf is the book || bound for the movies,
Retold by that rascal || Robert Zemeckis,
His camera is clumsy || compulsively gaudy.
The trailer is terrifying || a tragic misfire
Of video unviewable || and a valley uncanny,
The proud performers || plastic and ugly


awesomead said...

Apparently Beowulf is something to behold in 3D and some of the advance reviews are praising it, but the trailer does nothing for me either. And they reuse a particular line that makes it look like a 300 wannabe.

Oh well, I'll reserver judgement till I see it.

And as regards Outlander, all indications are for a spring release. There's no north american date yet but apparently it hits russian theaters at the end of march... well see I guess. Apparently they are just finishing up the effects work now and are working on the musical score...

STAG said...

Did Geats ever go Viking?


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