Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ONGOING - notes on what is happening

I see that I have been late in applying any new materials here for the last couple of weeks. Truth is that things have been extremely packed - many of the individual projects will be of interest to the regular readers here:

'Iron Smelting in Thy'
I have been nailing lodging and working out the details of my trip to Denmark for this symposium. I will try to report on things that may prove valuable:
- How to find a reasonable price room in Denmark.
- Applying for a Canada Council grant.
- Overview of planned Museum visits.
- Details on the symposium contents.

'Bog Ore Analog'
A project that Gus Gissing is doing the underlaying research on to create a kind of synthetic bog ore for our iron smelts. I will be undertaking a full scale test latter in the month with Skip Williams in Virgina.

'Smeltfest 2008'
The annual intensive smelt research week with Lee Sauder and Skip Williams at Lexington Virgina. This year will include a smelt at Colonial Williamsburg with the gang there, with gathering their local bog ore. Expect a field report on the activities in late March.

'I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF'
Experiments with early period bellows. Right now a number of test prototypes are being built to evaluate various bellows designs. Neil Peterson is working up theoretical models based on the measurements. A session at Forward into the Past (Kitchener-Waterloo, April 5) will provide raw numbers on produced volumes. All data for a paper under consideration.

there is a pile of other stuff going on too - but may or may not yield any reports to publish here


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