Thursday, May 08, 2008

Iron Smelting Seminar in Thy 2008 - IMAGES

The following was posted up by Jens Jørgen this morning to the Early Iron discussion:
Here´s some pictures from Iron smelting in Thy 2008, taken place in last week,from Tuesday to Sunday, a report from some of the smelt´s will be presented later.

I have not got to the point of even finding all my required cords to download my own images, much less sort and format them!

Jens was the host for our event. I'll try to pull off some thumb nails in a later edit of this posting to help describe what you are looking at. There were actually 8 different furnaces constructed, ranging from a huge passive air early iron age structure by Jake Keen to a wonderful sculptural dragon kiln built by young Pelle and his mom (from the Netherlands). Much was learned, and we all gained a great deal from seeing the other teams in action with the many furnaces and ores employed. On Saturday there were 6 furnaces running at the same time!


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