Friday, January 16, 2009

Revision with 2008 Smelting Overview

I have been working to get all the information from the 2008 iron smelting experiments formatted and posted. It was a busy year, with a total of eleven smelts. There were two major workshops, Smeltfest and Heltborg, plus the demonstration at Quad State. Serious work was started in applying what has been learned, with a new series directed at replicating the archeaological finds from Hals in Iceland.

The first is an illustrated overview of the individual smelts from 2008.
The second is a table of the main data from all 39 of the experiments to date.

The reason for this (besides a bad cold and deep winter temperatures!) is to prepare for re-writing my 2006 paper 'Adventures in Early Iron Production'. The 'Friends of the Medieval Studies Society of the Royal Ontario Museum' organization is hoping to publish a collection of papers from past symposiums. Most significantly, I need to compress the original 35 page paper down to a mere 10 pages - plus cover three times the experimental work! I figure it will be easier just to re-write the entire paper from scratch...

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