Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Squidoo - 'lens' on the Econo Norse Smelter

Construction and Operation of the 'Econo-Norse' Iron Smelting Furnace

Amateur blacksmiths and re-enactors can use experimental archaeology methods to explore lost historical methods used during the Viking Age to make wrought iron blooms. For knife makers, the bloomery furnace offers a chance to produce their starting metal 'from dirt'. Join the recently emerging 'Iron Underground' while adding directly to our understanding of the Dark Ages and Early Medieval period in Europe!
An exerpt from Experimental Iron Smelting from the Viking Age

Continue for the whole article www.squidoo.com/Iron-Smelting-ONE

On the recommendation of my friend David RobertsonI have launched (yet another) portal into the internet. 'Squidoo.com' is a combination web site and 'refered sales' tool. Individuals post up articles (called lenses) which then have the usual 'sales links' posted automatically in the margins. Authors can select specific items, like the list of reference books from Amazon you will see on my first article. Should any viewer purchase from any of the indicated sales links, I get a (small) 'referral fee' paid to me from the merchant. There is no difference to the customer by the way, save the knowledge that their purchase does in fact contribute to the author.
Squidoo runs the site mechanics and stores the content. They make their money by also getting a small commission on any sales. Payments come in (once a set threshold is accumulated) direct to a paypal account.

I will be placing some selected articles up on Squidoo, along with selected reference materials available from Amazon. If you are going to purchase the books anyway, I ask you to use the link off Squidoo - you will be supporting all my educational and experimental work at the same time!

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