Monday, May 31, 2010

Bellows Stone in early forges

Bellows stone to keep the bellows from igniting?
Is there archaeological evidence for the bellows stone?


I had been meaning to work up a fuller article on this.

This is an image of the BACK side of the well known 'Loki' bellows stone / bellows shield from the Viking Age. The image was poached from the (quite excellent) 'Don Fogg's - Bladesmith's Forum Board'.
(For the life of me, I can NOT find the original photographer / contributer of this image!)

The more standard layout for a blacksmith's forge during the Migration / Pre Conquest period appears to be set on the ground, rather than the elevated type most of us are more familiar with. Archaeological evidence for this is found at most of the town / trading centre sites (York, Dublin, Ribe, Birka)

My own reconstruction of a ground level forge - from World of the Norse.

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