Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visiting the 1800's

Over Victoria Day weekend, we travelled to Ameliasbug Ontario, to take part in the annual 'Gathering of Friends' living history event.

As part of the (very) loosely organized 'Buckskinning' circle of events, the theme is based on elements from the Settlement period, most focusing on the Fur Trade era. Vandy and I portray a recently immigrated 'trades' couple, with me working the blacksmith shop at the museum.

This is always a great change for us. We are not 'in charge' of anything, and get just the respect we have earned through long years at this event and our past interactions with the other participants. Its a great chance just to relax and do just about as much as we feel like (for a change). One of the more amusing elements (for us anyway) is that we are one of the 'youngest' couples attending! (Which may say more about the popularity of history with the newest generations that anything else.)

Some images from around camp:
(The first is our rather modest set up, with a 7 x 7 wall tent)

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