Saturday, September 04, 2010

Images of Vinland

or What I did on my Summer 'Vacation'

I didn't have all that much time during DARC at LAM 2010 for picture taking. These are a few overview shots of the Encampment at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC. These were taken at the end of the team's presentation day, which is why none of the interpretive action is seen.
From the parking lot, these life sized figures, cut out of sheet steel, are set on the skyline.
This is a view of the Encampment area looking across the small bay. Not a standard view, as you have to walk down the shore a bit and crawl out on to some rocks and hunker down to get it.
The Encampment. These are the reconstructed buildings, set off to one side of the actual historic structures. The fence never existed originally, but serves to confine the living history area.
Coming up to the Encampment entrance, approaching from the shore side. Most visitors actually come in from a different angle - after passing over the archaeological grounds.
View from the Entrance. This shows the three tents we brought to expand our presentation area, set on the seaward side of the main turf hall. The one in the foreground is my 'ancient and honourable', marking its third use at Vinland.
Maybe a bit redundant - a view of our main outdoor area from the opposite corner. Shot over the faering the interpreters from LAM had been building over the last two years. The closest tent here was our 'artisan' class, mainly used for basket making and various children's activities (under Sarah). The centre is the 'bondi' tent, large sail canvas set over lashed poles. This served as the anchor for the woodworking demonstrations. The far tent was the higher status 'chieftain' tent, containing Ragnar and his trade goods.
This is the main entrance into the turf hall. Carvings by Mike Sexton of LAM interpretive staff. (Mike has been with the program since its creation in 1997). Parks Canada has changed the overall interpretation of the structure, now illustrating it as a higher status chieftain's dwelling.

To come - some views inside the Hall...

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