Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kool at Quad State

This past weekend, I attended the annual 'Quad State Round-up' held by 'Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil'.
This is a regional level blacksmith's conference, that I have attended for over a decade now. The event attracts easily 600 - 800 smiths from a circle that extends a good 1000 km in all directions. The quality of the demonstrations is almost always very good, and the size of the tail gate tool sales is legendary.

Although I was primarily focused on promoting CanIRON 8, I did manage time time to check out the usually excellent range of work on display in the gallery. These are some of the pieces I saw that stood out in my opinion:

'Snake Gate' by Darla Selander of Copemish, Ohio

Forged Candlesticks by Bruce Woodward of Madison, Ohio

I didn't get a close up of the card here - so I can't name the artist.
The title was something like 'Even Hellfires Need tending'

'Pages in the Wind' by Todd Malenke of Frenso, Ohio

'Chicken Track Switch Plate' by Linda Woodward of Madison, Ohio

As usual, I was puzzled by the judges choices - none of my picks even placed. The scale of the larger pieces can be estimated by comparing the standard 3 1/2 X 5 inch card in the photos.

Great work!
'I wished *I* had made those pieces'

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