Sunday, January 09, 2011

How To History

- Video Tutorials in the Historic Arts

Via a bit of a devious route, I was contacted by James Easton, who is starting up a web site featuring video clips of various hand and traditional skills. The collection is aimed at, and of most interest to, re-enactors. Though I can see teachers would find this a good reference portal for students as well.
My friend David Robertson, of Hammer and Tongs studio, is well represented. David has developed a considerable catalogue of short videos for YouTube.

If you have not seen them yet, I have my own collection of about two dozen film clips. These are split pretty evenly between the types of topics discussed here - Viking Age / iron smelting / blacksmithing (or some combination of the three!)

Go on to Darrell's YouTube Channel

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Polymarkos said...

Just bookmarked it! Thank you! This stuff is awesoeme...I am so glad to live in the age of the internet. Not so many years ago, all this kind of information was scatted and buried and harder to get at. Now, instantly one has the knowing and doing of anything.

It is a kind of miracle.

Thanks for posting this, and the preceding links to the fantastic artifacts from so many museums.


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