Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introduction to LAYERED STEELS - October 22 & 23

This intensive, hands on, 16 hour session will introduce the student to the basic techniques required in the creation of layered steels. Each student will create a layered billet, starting with a simple stack and leading to a pattern welded block. As well each will be provided with a prepared block of layered steel (about 100 layers) to forge a small knife


I always schedule one 'special interest' course every year, typically in later October. The exact course content is selected from one of : Intermediate Blacksmithing, Basic Bladesmithing or Introduction to Layered Steels. The first student who sends me a deposit for a specific program request actually determines the course to be held.

That being said, I just got my first deposit - which has set the Layered Steels program. The extra cost of this program ($350 plus taxes) includes a pre made layered steel billet for each student. Potential students should already know how to forge weld. If you have already done some basic knife work, you will get more value out of the program.

Like other training programs at the Wareham Forge, enrolment is limited to a maximum of FOUR. Book now! A $100 deposit reserves your space.

For more details see the description : Introduction to Layered Steels

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