Thursday, August 18, 2011

See me at : SUMMERFOLK - Owen Sound

Summerfolk web site

I will be returning to Summerfolk this weekend after a one year absence (DARC at LAM - 2010)

On the 'Artisan Village' page of their web site, this is my description:

The Wareham Forge – Darrell Markewitz

Heat in the forge and work by hand, add years of skill and a dash of inspiration – that’s a true Artisan Blacksmith. Darrell blends over 30 years experience with his knowledge of Norse and Celtic artefacts into his signature “Rivendale” style. Since the mid 1990’s he has pleased the Summerfolk audience with the “Beach Garden” presentation. Come see the latest of his original art metalworks: fountains, gates, arbour & wind biles. Commissions always sought!

The Festival organizers were the ones to select that image from the ones I used for my application (!). Sorry to say, I will not actually have any of the 'Shades of Ancient Seas' / Windbile pieces with me this year.

With the rushing around CanIRON 8 and Goderich Celtic week, I don't actually have many / very good (!) images of my new work:
- One (prize winning) addition to the Halluciginia series
- First in a (potential) series of bowls forged from bloomery iron
- Two earlier table / benches reworked (and improved)
- One fountain, a new piece reworked from two earlier smaller pieces
- A new series of forged small bowls

Note to past friends at Summerfolk:

They are moving me and Jim Macnamara OFF our traditional 'on the beach' location, which we have dominated for over 15 years now. The new location is to the north of the beach washrooms, down the trail towards the pub. Because we don't know what the space will like, we will be drastically cutting back on our legendary (and award winning) 'Beach Garden' display.

Teaser for those who are wondering where the Viking Age got to...
Two projects coming up into September: - Cooking Pot, Sea Chest and Folding Scales (for the Norwegian Embasy in Winnipeg) - Celtic Iron Age, Slag Pit style iron furnace

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