Monday, February 20, 2012

Public Lecture - Wednesday evening!

Public Lecture - SCA Petra Thule
Wednesday February 22
(roughly 7 -7:30 pm)

Lady Eaton College / Building 7, rm 208
Peterborough, Ontario

'Medieval Iron - an Overview'

A fast look over Iron as a material, iron work as a process, and iron objects of the Middle Ages. A focus will be to take a look at the kinds of objects of special interest and utility to the re-enactor. There will be a simple overview of blacksmithing equipment from the period - and what you would need to get started *historic* forging. Illustrated with images and replicas.

(Added Wednesday 22 Feb)

I've taken the power point slides from this lecture and formatted them up into a series you can see on the web.

This will not give you meat of the 1 1/2 hour lecture!

I may be of interest to some :

Go on here to 'Medieval Iron'

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