Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Digital Life'

Published on 18 Feb 2013
A parody of the first music video to appear on MTV : Buggles with "Video Killed the Radio Star". This is my first endeavor on my own (I miss Herb!) so I went completely low-key - all video shot on the iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie with no frills. Vocals were self produced in GarageBand with a Snowball mic. This project was created as my digital artifact submission to a Massive Open Online Course I'm taking through Coursera- "E-Learning and Digital Cultures" (#edcmooc). I plan to make an augmented "pop-up" version with Mozilla Popcorn Maker as well.
Special thanks to my daughter and husband, who helped with the artwork, sets, and performing.

Lyrics by Amy Burvall

I have been a big fan of 'History for Music Lovers' since I stumbled into them a couple of years back. The method of using pop music with revised lyric to add some fun for students is brilliant. The productions are quite impressive. (And Mrs B is so hot!)

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