Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feburary 23 Lectures :

'Practicum 2013' - SCA Caldrithig
Feburary 23
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
30 Cleary Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario

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'Experimental Archaeology'
with Neil Peterson

This session will provide an overview of the formal process of experimental archaeology with examples. The final 20 minutes of this session is left open so that attendees may offer their own research ideas and receiveassistance from the presenters and other attendees on structuring their own experimental layout and questions.
'Beginning Blacksmithing : Considering Tools and Methods'

The idea of working with hot metal is fascinating. The process is both simple - but unknown. What tools do you *really* need? An illustrated discussion on forges, tools, materials, safety and basic techniques. Although this is a discussion rather than a hands on session, it is sure to save you countless hours stumbling - and put you on to the correct starting path into the 'Art and Mystery of the blacksmith'.
'Iron in the Middle Ages'

'Iron' said the Baron 'Cold Iron - It will rule them all'.
Iron is the fundamental metal of the Middle Ages. But historic iron is a material quite different from our modern steel alloys. Just what was this historic metal, and how was it made? What kind of purposes was it put to use? This will be a general overview, looking not only the material and common objects, but how those objects were formed - and what implications all this had for material culture.

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