Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Passing - Mef Simpson

November 13, 1927 -  July 23, 2013

What is the measure of a Life?

On one side, you can consider what is left behind.

Mef most certainly leaves a body of visual art. The watercolours and drawings will continue to grace walls in the homes of a great many, for in Mef's case, it is the result of a life time of creativity. Many are calming, some whimsical - all will continue to add pleasure to those who have them.
There is the work she undertook, often massive, in promoting the visual arts in Brandon. Supporting through constant effort (although yes, sometimes joyful) the Art Gallery of South West Manitoba. Of working with and certainly encouraging, sometimes just by being there, a circle of other artists. The bricks and mortar remain, as does the creative influence she had on others.

On another side, you can consider the hole that is left in the lives of others.

Mef remained active in her artistic community to the very end of a long life. So there will be one less person along on gallery trips and painting afternoons. One less set of hands to help organize and make things happen. One less eye to critique, compliment and guide.
There will be a family circle, son and two daughters. Now spread wide from the family seat in Brandon. For them it will be one less voice for needed advise, one empty seat at the table. Two grandchildren, now half grown to adults,  who may come to miss the family stories, now blurred by a generation lost.

That voice is muted now.
A vision remains on canvas and paper, more treasured now that there will be no more additions to that collection.
A larger treasure remains, held as memories by those lucky few who possess them.

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