Friday, July 26, 2013

New! - Hallucigenia # 7

'Roller' - Hallucigenia # 7

This is the latest in my 'Hallucigenia - Creatures from the Burgess Shale' series.

Along a flexible spinal cord are spaced a set of transparent disks that allow the creature to twist and roll along its ocean bottom home. Either end  terminates in a long three lobed spine. Which is the 'head' and which is the 'tail' - or does that even apply?
The whole is about 24 inches long. Like other pieces in the series, it is unfinished mild steel, and intended to naturally oxidize in an outdoor placement.

I had two different 'found objects' piling up in the shop. The first was a collection of the clear plastic disks you get with any spindle of DVD / CD. The second was a number of solid steel 'plugs', left over from drilling 3/4 inch diameter holes for a commission. I imagined combining the two, running along a piece of flexible braided steel cable.

'Roller' is the result.

I intend to mount a larger integrated display of the available 'Hallucigenia' series as part of my display at Summerfolk (Owen Sound) in a couple of weeks.

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