Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'the Price of Knowledge' - Chris Price on a Viking Age AXE

... I have known Jeff Pringle for quite a while ... Jeff and I started tossing the phrase back and forth, "the price of knowledge."  It might apply to any sacrifice one had to make in order to learn something.  Usually it's our time, or the price of rare books, or the cost of a bribe to get a more experienced smith to open up a little more about closely-held information.

At this year's Axe-n Sax-In, we used the phrase liberally, and many got to hear it for the first time.  During Jeff's excellent presentation of his original artifacts, there was a brief nod to the work I was starting to undergo with an Axe I'd bought back in 2009, and I've just recently decided to pay the price to know more about it.

So, to the grinder we went.
Taken from Christopher Price's detailed posting on Don Fogg's Blade Forum

For the full article : go HERE

Artifact Axe, as polished - Image by C. Price
Regular readers here are certain to find Chris's full posting of interest. He describes in some detail his observations of this artifact axe. Most specifically how the patterns of the metal both give insight to not only the construction techniques, but also hints as to how the original bloomery source metal was used.

For Chris's 'Tidewater Forge' web site : go HERE 

Readers who are wondering why there have been few posts here of late :
I have had to deal with a succession of family emergencies over the last month. These have kept me either extremely busy - or on the road to Peterborough. Combined with my recent teaching trip to the USA in October, it has been almost six weeks where I have been away from Wareham far more than I have been present. My hope is that things might return to 'normal' around here soon!

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