Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jake Powning - 'Only in Darkness, the Light'

I have commented before on the artistry and craftsmanship of sword maker Jake Powning.

Honestly, I have always been in awe of Jake's vision and intensity.
I almost always use him as a point of reference when I am talking to students of my various weekend courses. Both as an example of a 'pure' artist, and as a story (even if distorted by my perceptions of it) of one road to success.

Jake has been taking the time to talk with me privately via e-mail about some of the problems I have been having over the last year. Technical admittedly (that failed pattern welded sword project). But also a bit about 'the artist's way' - work, approaches, inspirations, (life, the universe - everything).

One of Jake's current projects is 'Only in Dark, the Light'
This is a bronze long sword, with Jake's consistent addition of carved scabbard and cast fittings.
Image linked from Jake's web site.
Of sure interest to readers here will be the excellent slide show of the creation of the entire project, from initial design inspiration through production and finishing, seen on Jake's Blog.

The direct link is : 'Only in Dark, the Light'

For any number of reasons, I recommend you take a look at this!

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David Robertson said...

How about sharing some of your's and jake's insights into "the artist's way, work, approaches, inspirations (Life, the universe and everything)"?


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