Monday, September 07, 2015

Lost (& Found!) Commentaries on BLACKSMITHING!

One problem with the internet is that is is subject to variations, modifications, take-overs and other random losses of published materials.
In preparing to  answer an e-mail query this morning, I ended up (spending several hours) replacing 'lost' materials I had written and published as much as decade earlier.

These are the descriptive commentaries now back available on the 'On Blacksmithing' area of the main Wareham Forge web site:
Defining the Artist Blacksmith

A commentary on Terminology and Tradition
Originally on the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association web site.
"Will you take an Apprentice?"

A commentary on the reality of the single person studio
Originally Seen on my blog Hammered Out Bits
A Career as an Artist Blacksmith?

Considering a Life as an Artist
A short article originally published on the Squido web series .
Teens as Students?

Some wisdom on the physical demands - and hazards, of working in as a blacksmith.
Wrought Iron Work?

What it really is - and what it really means!
On Buying an Anvil
Some information on what to look for
From my original GeoCities blog

If readers are not familure - I highly recommend (and thank!) the Internet WayBack Machine :

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