Wednesday, December 02, 2015

'Forged in Fire' - 2


Yesterday I ground the rough forged blade to what is more or less its intended shape

Rough Forging
Ground to Shape
Compared to the rough forging, you can see the first modification is cleaning up the blade outline. This was not changed very much, really just smoothing out the lines from the forging.
The main modifications here were changes to the shape of the handle. I decided to put a slight inside curve to the top side. I have also slightly straightened the lower side, and steepened the front end to increase the 'catch' to the index finger.
Likely I will put a short unsharpened area (riccasso) just at the base of the blade side in the final polishing.

Additional time spent = + 5 minutes
(total time to this point = 70 minutes)

See the earlier full review of 'Forged in Fire' on this earlier post

PS - On the Photograph
The flow of ice that frames the blade was a completely natural formation on my deck!

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