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Elora Sculpture Project 2016

There have been a couple of earlier postings here about work on my submission for this year's Elora Sculpture Project:

Concept Frame Construction Exterior Frame
For a description of the original concept

The completed Sculpture: 
Completed In Motion - with lights
As has been mentioned, 'Barrel Turbine' is a large piece. It stands seven feet high and is about three feet in diameter. The total weight is roughly 150 pounds. The main structure is formed from wide strips of 1/8 inch thick mild steel.

The upper turbine is constructed of brushed finished stainless steel. It is highlighted on in the inner side of each blade with bright spray paint (orange with pink edge). This changes the way the light reflects of the alternately bright metal and coloured surfaces.
The main turbine is topped by a second smaller set of blades - fixed to the shaft as well. These are canted on an angle, with the lower surface painted a copper colour.

As completed, the internal elements were kept relatively simple:

There are a total of four hanging tube chimes. One pair has been left to move and strike from more gentle wind through the grid work sides. The other pair is struck via two rods attached to the central shaft, the rate determined by the spinning speed of the turbine.
In the end it proved necessary to partially limit the striking play of all four of these chimes. (A bit of a surprise, as I was initially concerned there would not be enough motion!) 
As it turned out, the wooden paddles of the chimes also make their own sound as the piece reacts to the wind.
In the top area, there is a second blade set, similar to the top set, so also fixed on a diagonal. These have been painted a bright yellow/green on their upper surface, which produces alternating flashes of colour and pright metal.
Below this is a set of flat turbine like blades. These are made from stainless steel as well, but in this case the metal is polished to a mirror surface on one side. The opposite sides are painted to alternate dark and lighter blue. This serves to creating a moving reflection off these surfaces.
At the bottom section, there is a large spiral, formed to expand into a cone shaped volume. Again this has the mirror bright surface showing. 

All this combines to produce continual sound and movement - with different visuals at differing viewing distances.
There are two sets of solar powered mini LEDs that are attached over the inner grid surfaces. One set are a constant white. The second set are multi-coloured, and set to flash on and off. This to provide an effect in darkness, when the internal movement will not be visible.

This is the piece as installed in Elora:

'Barrel Turbine' is mounted in location number one, to the south end of the bridge over the Grand. (This is the SW corner, across from the LCBO).

Asking Price = $4500

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