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Spring IRON SMELT at Wareham

'Spring' Iron Smelt at the Wareham Forge

Sunday May 22

Rain or Shine (the smelting area has overhead cover).
Directions : see http://www.warehamforge.ca

Time : typical start at the furnace is roughly 9 AM, with bloom extraction expected roughly 4 - 6 PM.

Those wishing to get involved in the action (dirty jobs!) should wear work clothes, cotton / natural fiber, some kind of boot. Safety glasses will be provided here. Note that this is not specifically a teaching event (but everyone knows I will drone on reguardless).

Individuals are advised to bring lunch and snacks with them, as it is some distance to the closest food outlets here. (Flesherton, just north up highway 10, is recommended for those who want to 'eat out'.)
If anyone wants to break up their long distance travel, 'primitive' camping space can be provided in the yard. Please respond if this is your intent.

Parking is limited. Once the drive and front pull in are filled, I advise you park along Sideroad 41 - to the east side of the property. (Less traffic and a stop sign limits passing speeds) When you arrive, look for me at the smelting area to the rear of the property beside the pond.

Original build of the 'Production' Furance - it has since been shifted to a difference brick plinth.
This has been a very busy spring. The Icelandic series awaits a full above ground build, which time and materials does not allow for at this point. My intent is to return to the previously constructed 'production' furnace, which can be ready for use with minimal adjustment. As always, there are Charcoal Monkey positions available! There is a good supply of a number of rock based iron ores on hand (Limonite from Virginia). Some of this material has already been roasted, but breaking will be required. I also have a good supply of hammer scale for enrichment. Use of this material requires more attention to slag management, which is something we have largely not have to be overly careful of with the recent use of our analog mixes. (Return to a rock based ore will help me refresh my own skills in preparation for the Polish Symposium in September.) The hydraulic press is down for modifications, so any attempt at consoldation or cutting will have to be accomplished by hand.

I'd appreciate an email (info@warehamforge.ca) response from anyone intending to come, mainly so I have some idea just how many people to expect.

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