Monday, January 20, 2020

2020 Course Dates?

Tentative Schedule

Courses in Blacksmithing / History

at the Wareham Forge
(note at this point the web site still shows ** 2019 ** dates)

Introduction / Basic Blacksmithing
April 17 - 19
July 18 - 19
Sept 18 - 20
Oct 16 - 18
Nov 14 & 15 (2 students only - propane)

Build a Zombie Killer
May 23 & 24

Introduction to Bladesmithing
July 4 & 5 (requires 'basic' level skill)

Introduction to Bloomery Iron Smelting
Oct 10 & 11
(requires minimum 2 bookings)

Experiencing the Viking Age (new!)
August 1 & 2
(requires minimum 2 bookings)
description pending

- All programs limited to maximum FOUR students
- Course fees unchanged for 2020
- Deposit required to reserve a space

Generally courses are offered on the THIRD WEEKEND each month.
Private Session or Group Bookings possible for other dates - please ask.
Sorry, I do not offer any  3 or 6 hour 'experiences' - as in my (educated) opinion these are of little value.

a) Teens as students?

No students under 14 years of age accepted. Please read the policy :

b) Physical Requirements?

The Wareham Forge is not equipped or prepared to offer training to individuals with disabilities. Please read the policy :

c) Location / Lodgings / Discounts / Group Bookings ???

Please read over the full descriptions provided before booking.
(details provided at the bottom of the Training page indicated)
Standard offering for a group booking is two days / four students = $1400 (+HST)
Available weekends are limited. You can also book on to any of the scheduled course weekends listed

hope to see you this year!

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