Friday, December 19, 2008

Current Project - Graham House Front Door

'Disks' - Front Door Security Panel

This is the project I am currently working on (baring other interruptions).
The piece is for Graham house in Guelph Ontario. The home is a classic 1960's bungalow style in the city's NE corner. The requirement was to create a security panel for the ripple glass insert that ran just beside the locks. (Canadians were so trusting back then!) The customer also wanted an art piece that would make a statement along what is otherwise a pretty standard and un-interesting building front.

I thought I would work with the last of the glass disks I had picked up in Virginia a couple of years back. The main line of the piece is a set of long sweeping curves, rather than the more straight line grill work that is more conventional. These main elements are forged from 1 inch diameter pipe, split on both ends, then flattened and curved. These elements pass through holes hot punched in flat bar (1 1/2 x 3/16). The support bars end in free form reversal curves. The whole piece is secured to the door using carriage bolts (only rounded heads on the exterior). I had suggested the use of colour for the coating, primarily to reduce the visual weight of the piece. The customer has decided on flat black, at least for now, as the exterior colours of the house have not been chosen at this date.

Stay tuned for an image of the piece when it is finished and installed.

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