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'Exploring the Viking Age in Demark' - OFFICIAL RELEASE

Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark
A Research Trip with focus on the Viking Age, Spring 2008
A data DVD disk - V:2 December 2008
ISBN : (Pending)


This disk contains a record of a recent research trip to Denmark in spring of 2008. The main reason for the trip was to attend 'the Iron Smelting Symposium in Thy' held at the Heltborg Museum from April 29 to May 4. The balance of the trip was spent in travel to Roskilde, Ribe and Copenhagen, with visits to the major museums at those locations. What was seen, in museums, the symposium, and on the streets, is presented in over 400 large format images (most 1600 x 1200 @ 200 dpi). Each image has descriptive notes recorded at the time. The publication also contains many commentaries on both the individual museums, but also travel around Denmark in general. The overall stress is on materials related to the Viking Age. The images are grouped not only by institution, but also sorted by general artifact type.


The best way to utilize this disk is via your computer DVD drive, opening the file START inside your normal web browser. From that point, you navigate inisde the disk as you would any web site. You can also view the images using a standard table top DVD player and TV combination using the 'slide show' method. This will allow you to view all the individual images on the disk. Note that viewing via your DVD player will NOT allow you to access the (considerable!) written materials presented in web site (html) format.


Ribe Viking Museum

Heltborg Museum / Iron Symposium

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