Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Undersea to Shore

These images are from the second installation of the Reade - Maxwell project - the segments that run from the basement to the first floor. These elements comprise the 'undersea to beach' aspects of the overall 'Sea to Shore to Sky' theme of the project.

Standing in the basement, looking up through the open concept layout up the stairs to the main floor of the house, this is what you would see. The light from the floor to ceiling bank of windows along the south side of the house spills over the hardwood stair cases.

The bottom diagonal is a design inspired by sea kelp. The end newel post is a gathering of these leaf shapes, swirling in a spiral as if caught in a whirlpool. Each of the kelp frond elements progressing up the stairs is forged to an individual set of reversal curves. All the undersea sections are painted a dark green.

About two thirds the way up, there is a small landing, where the stairs turn a right angle. On the left, the kelp elements continue, the leaf sections getting longer and more chaotic. Turning the corner, the pattern changes to one of waves, now painted a deep blue. A sweeping set of reversal curves marks the undertow, sweeping up over the framing wall.

In detail, it can be seen that the right and left sides, although similar, are in fact unique patterns. There is depth to the swirling curves with their terminal spirals. Two quite separate layers on the more predictable undertow section, but merging to an interlacing chaos at the wave forms break close to the top of the stairs.

Looking up from under the landing, you can see up through the open work of the undertow pattern to glimpse the waving lines of rushes, standing along the shore line that marks the edge of the main floor.

Those following the blog in detail will have seen a large number of earlier posts related to this project, my primary work since April this year. Those interested should search under 'Reade Maxwell' to find these pieces (including a number of 'work in progress' video clips).


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Marvelous work. And a massive undertaking for one man! You have enriched our world.


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