Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Vinland 3 Smelter Build

For the next in the Vinland smelt series, the material for the furnace walls has been changed. Course sand (dug locally) was mixed 50 / 50 by volume with the powdered potter's clay (Bell Dark). The finished furnace walls are roughly 5 - 7 cm thick.

View of smelter work area, boxed in to rough size of the Furnace Hut at L'Anse aux Meadows
Slack tub positioned to duplicate size and position of an unexplained large pit from the archaeology.
Using a 22 cm diameter tank as a form. End of the first course of clay.
Showing bricks placed inside to stablize the furnace, plus allow the tank form to be moved higher.
Packing the gaps with dry wood ash. This both helps the furnace keep its shape and draws the moisture from the clay.
Full height of build at 65 cm total.The exterior will be wrapped with sheet metal to prevent slumping.

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