Thursday, March 25, 2010

Added to Forward Into the Past

I will be offering an additional short presentation at Forward Into the Past this coming Saturday.

The session title is : Habits of mind; How tools affect thinking [Multiple Papers] being organized by V. Meghan Roberts.

'By the Hammer and the Hand - Iron, Technology and Tools'

Iron technology in Europe is framed by the tools. The creation of the raw material was initially limited by the ability to deliver air, which modified the temperatures and volumes possible. Although the introduction of water power around the 1000 AD point allowed for increased size in tools, the mind set of the workers remained fixed in earlier, less complex patterns.

This is not a formally written paper at this point, more what I am calling a 'draft for further study'. I think it may prove of interest to those involved in Medieval studies. Our modern attitudes towards metals as raw materials is quite different than that framing pre Industrial Age societies.

hope to see you all there...

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