Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fur Trade Replicas

I had been contacted by Parks Canada, the staff at Wapusk National Park & Manitoba North National Historic Sites in Churchill, Manitoba. They wanted some items for their interpretive program, based on some pieces from their collection.
It often feels to me over the winter months that I am a writer rather than a blacksmith. The images below are of the results for the Wapusk order:

A Hudson Bay Hawk - This piece is of mild steel with a carbon steel insert edge, folded and welded.

An English pattern Trade Knife - this forged from spring steel with maple slab handle

A trident Fishing Spear - of mild steel, the socket and central spine welded to the one piece outer barbs

1 comment:

STAG said...

Guess thats why you are the "go to guy" for historical interpreters.


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