Thursday, September 22, 2016

TtT2 - Considerations towards an object (1)

I have been attempting to place segments here into roughly the chronological order of the individual project events - to provide a record of the progress of each segment.
To be fair to myself, the lack of access in Europe (thanks for not much Google), has me now neck deep in the Turf to Tools 2 project at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. Aspects of this work are currently dominating my thoughts.
So although it may mess up any standard documentation effort, today's offering is going to cover what is going on in my (over active) brain this day...

Right now I am wrestling with a number of underlaying concepts / world views generated by the Turf to Tools project.
Exploring material, resources and landscape, this Slow Prototype project looks at the processes, skills, and heritage of taking raw materials through to workable implements.
- The role of the 'Artisan Maker' as a middle ground between 'Fine Artist' and Technician.
- Explaining the merging of 'processes, skills, and heritage', and how the Arisan also may undertake an extensive 'conceptual' journey.
- Considering the relationship between the Environment and the Human, in terms of the impact of Human gathering of materials, conversion to object, use of object, through to discarding of object.

In conversation with a number of the other people undertaking their own 'residency' periods here at SSW, many state their objectives as 'conceptual art'. I hear a lot of stress on the * idea *, not the finished  * object * itself.
I honestly get uncomfortable around this. There is certainly an impression given that exploring a concept, often into long duration, and fine detail, is of itself more important than actually physically creating a tangible object. That 'manufacturing' process is often deemed to be the work of 'mere technicians' (implied if not directly stated). Effective communication of a concept to other viewers is often held as less important than the individual's personal exploration.

As you might guess (those of you who have followed me any length of time or viewed my past work via the Wareham Forge web site) - I don't follow this view point of 'high art' being somehow more refined / valuable / difficult than what is often delegated to 'craft'.

I'm realizing, partially through conversation with Director Nuno  Sacramento, that part of my intended role inside the Turf to Tools project is to provide an example of the 'Artisan Maker', and their role within a larger collaboration.

Here is an example of what I mean :

(click for a detailed view)
This is a 'concept flow chart' that applies directly to the stated objectives for the Turf to Tools project specifically. Many of the individual points themselves may have greatly expanded chains of concept / consideration sitting beyond what is shown here (!).

I think it becomes obvious that even framing the  * background * leading to the making an object can involve consideration of a huge number of concepts and factors, ranging from the theoretical to the practical. 

I will be undertaking a second step mapping this morning, which is the charting behind creation of a specific object. (Hope to detail that here soon!)

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