Wednesday, September 28, 2016

TtT2 - Considerations towards an object (2)

Second Flow Chart from Turf to Tools Two
Chart One

This is a continuation of an earlier post on the same topic. This flow would lead off the lower right corner of chart one.

Critical (for me) is that all those elements / conciderations are coming first. You might notice that the small space in black type in the lower left is where the actual object under creation actually starts to be considered in detail.

My work here on TtT2 got jammed at the block to the upper right 'Gap here at Bloom to Bar'.
In the end the one day allotted for 'forge prep' (day 5 / Sept 20) actually turned into a total of three full days spent. We ended up having severe problems with fuel, to the point were yet another half day of equipment modification (actually undertaken by Eden) and ideally another half day of physical testing (needed - general forge work by me) is required before I would want to risk working up any of our valuable bloom iron.  The problem of a workable forge welding flux still has not been solved in addition.

For those counting, by this point I am now 'officially' into the two week period for 'personal project' as covered by my OAC Project Grant.

(Hey Nuno! Does this mean I have to come back to Scotland and SSW for a third working session??)

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