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'Custom' Blades / Phones = Questions

Ok - I *am* getting (more) crotchitty. 
I have gotten a good half dozen 'tell me everything - because I can't be bothered to read anything' e-mail messages over the past month.

There are two core reasons that I can see for this - both underscoring current popular culture :

1) Forged in Fire = false 'information' creates general lack of understanding
2) Use of phones and their tiny screens

This is particularly frustrating to me, as I have certainly spent considerable time and effort to supply basic information on the main Wareham Forge web site - I have also done any number of commentaries related to Bladesmithing and Custom Work on to this blog.
Following good advice from David, Neil and Kelly (particularly) I have formatted up the following bulk reply to 'Will you make my knife' e-mails * : 

Layered Kitchen Knife : 1996 = $400 (+)
This is a bulk reply to your recent query related to 'Custom' blades from the Wareham Forge.
As you might expect, I get a large number of similar first contact requests.

Increasingly, as individuals use tiny phone screens as their portal into the internet, I am receiving questions which are fully covered in some detail on both the main web site ( or as commentaries on the blog ( )

So to start with, I will refer you to the following general topics :

On Custom Bladesmithing :
On Past Bladesmithing Work :
Currently Available Work :
General Questions & Answers :

On 'Custom' Blades (blog posts) :

At this point in my working life (40 years at the forge):
    - I am primarily * only * undertaking projects of my * own * personal interest
    - Acquired skill and experience = high value. Any blade created will be in the * plus $500 * range
    - I am not interested in making simple 'heavy tool' / camp knives
    - I do not work with exotic modern alloys / stainless steels
'Hector's Bane' (Bloomery Iron) : 2012 = $1000
Despite what 'popular culture' suggests, the following qualities are not possible in a single blade
    - chose either edge holding OR heavy durability
    - chose either ease of sharpening OR rust proofing
    - Layered Steel blades should be considered decorative rather than functional
You can have it CHEAP
You can have it FAST
You can have it GOOD
You can only get ONE of these 

'Bayeux' Broad Axe : 2008 = $450
Please read the background information available.
If your concept for your blade project resembles past work as illustrated, AND you are willing to commit a * significant * budget to your project, be welcome to contact me for further discussion.

I also suggest the following alternatives:
Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association :

Although I can certainly recommend a number of senior artisan blacksmiths, most of these will have similar restrictions as I do (for much the same reasons)
David Robertson :
Jeff Helms :

Two 'younger' smiths I can suggest are :
Dustin Wolski
Simone Ruetz


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