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DARC - Hosts at EAC12

2021 March

12th Experimental Archaeology Conference 

#EAC12, World Tour

 the Dark Ages Re-Ceation Company will be hosting one of the many 'hot spot' segments of this virtual conference.

The Dark Ages Recreation Company has developed a well-earned reputation in Canada for mounting high quality living history presentations.  In addition to repeated trips to the 'Vinland' site at L'Anse aux Meadows Newfoundland, DARC has provided living history demonstrations in conjunction with exhibits at museums throughout Ontario and into the United States. This has included presentations in support of both Vikings, North Atlantic Saga and Full Circle, First Contact.

The group focuses on everyday life in Northern Europe at the turn of the first millennium. Individuals portray a selection of working artisans who illustrate the everyday use of personal possessions and the skills used in making these items. Textile workers, bead makers, cooks, musicians, potters, metal and wood workers, all take part in presentations using the format of individual artisans and family units within a seasonal market setting. Beyond the group’s work as demonstrators and interpreters, the desire to acquire some of the original skills and apply these to object creation has led members to solid experimental archaeology in various fields of endeavor, from cooking to gaming strategies, construction of musical instruments, and pole lathe debris.

Some have taken their research to more formal levels, with long-running experiments and academic presentations related to bloomery iron smelting and glass bead production. There are three presentations contributed by members of DARC at EAC12 this year: Darrell Markewitz and Neil Peterson on investigations into Icelandic smelting furnaces,  Neil Peterson on air production in Viking Age bellows; and Richard Schweitzer and Sarah Scroggie on their construction and testing of soapstone cooking pots.

Demonstrating game playing : Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2002

Experimental Iron Smelting : L'Anse aux Meadows HNSC, 2010

Supporting Exhibits : Royal Ontario Museum, 2013

Experimental glass bead making : Upper Canada Village, 2019

Daily Life in the Viking Age : Upper Canada Village, 2018

Overall Camp Presentation : Upper Canada Village 2018

Textiles Work : Upper Canada Village, 2013

 Descriptive text by Diane Harper / with edit

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