Sunday, February 28, 2021

Standardized Reporting - EXARC Journal

EXARC Journal 2021/1

Standardized Reporting of Experimental Iron Smelting - A modest (?) Proposal

  I had started working up this piece in early summer 2019. I picked up the effort again in early 2020 - towards the Woodford Furnace Festival in later August that year. Unfortunately that event was cancelled as public event (COVID). 
I decided last fall to turn the piece into a more formal academic structure, and submit it to the EXARC Journal. Much of January was spent with edits and revisions to this goal. 

The piece is available for download as a pdf :
On my web site with images integrated :
It is my intent to create a smaller file size (b&w images) for inclusion in the files section of the Iron Smelters of the World group on Facebook. 

If you had been wondering why entries here had been a bit thin of late, the other major writing project has been the preparation of my contribution to the upcoming EAC12 virtual conference in later March :
The paper is a collaboration with Kevin Smith of the Haffenreffer Museum, with contributions by Neil Peterson, both as co-authors.

 This has been a major effort - pretty much full time up to the submission deadline of February 20. 
  • The full text (with bibliography) of over 70 pages.
  • Preparation of a 15 minute PowerPoint style presentation
  • Converting this to video with narration
  • Creating a written scrip from the narration

Expect more details to come related to this as we get closer to the presentation date, set for the morning of April 1, 2021.

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