Thursday, February 05, 2009

All 39 Smelts Linked to Reports

As part of the work of converting the full text version of the re-written paper for publishing on the Experimental Iron Smelting web site is adding links to other materials available on the internet. This table is a quick reference to all the reports currently available for the full 39 smelts in the series:

Smelt 1 Smelt 2 Smelt 3Smelt 4Smelt 5Smelt 6Smelt 7Smelt 8 Smelt 9 Smelt 10
Smelt 11Smelt 12Smelt 13Smelt 14Smelt 15Smelt 16Smelt
Smelt 19Smelt 20
Smelt 21Smelt 22Smelt
Smelt 24Smelt 25Smelt 26Smelt 27Smelt 28Smelt 29Smelt 30
Smelt 31Smelt 32Smelt 33Smelt 34Smelt 35Smelt 36Smelt 37Smelt 38Smelt 39

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