Thursday, February 26, 2009

Folly at the Forge

An excellent gallery of images from this event taken by staff reporter Garret Leiva of the Traverse City Record-Eagle are available on line : Go to the Photo Essay
Me making a simple hook for tools as I prepared for a demonstration session.

I had spoken to Garret at previous Follies, and found him attentive, interested and intelligent. Like many small town reporters, he wears may hats, from recording and photographing to sometimes final composition. He has always taken the time to understand his subjects, and his images capture both the spirit of the event but also the character of the individuals.
Our little band from Central Ontario, who have attended this event for years, were well represented, with 3 of the 12 images posted on the web site:
Gus Gissing drilling holes in a copper form.

Janis Book shows a beginner smith how to correctly set up a coal fire.

All the images are by Garret Leiva, and are transfered directly from the Record-Eagle web site, full copyrights retained.

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