Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada Day Beaver

A surprise visitor to our small pond, June 30:


Bob and Doug would be proud, now much more Canadian can you get than a visit by a BEAVER?

Our one acre lot in Wareham has a small pond in the back corner. A bank of earth separates it from the creek which runs just back the north line of the property. There is a small but noticeable 'game trail' that leads from the NW corner of the pond for the last several years. This year I have been finding cut off leaves and torn up roots from the clump of bull rushes that grow in the shallow south end of the pond. I was a bit puzzled as to what might have been doing this.
Caught in the act was the fellow seen above.

View facing NW, the beaver was foraging in the lower left corner.

I shot the footage standing along side one of the posts in the smelter shelter. We were able to watch the beaver munching on both rushes and some small willows we had planted on the SE bank, for a good half hour. Eventually it started to rain and we went back inside. (Now I know why those willows never seem to get any bigger than knee tall!)

A real treat, especially the evening before our National Holiday...

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