Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" I love it when a plan comes together..."

If you have been following my work (as described here) over the last several months, you will seen my main focus has been on the Reade/Maxwell railing project, for a custom home on Manitoulin Island.
Monday and Tuesday this week, I packed the truck and headed off to the ferry to the Island. On board were the first three completed panels, plus the two heavy support beams. The panels were the 'rushes' element of the overall 'sea to shore to sky' concept for this open layout building.

View 'south east' from the living room area.
View 'south west' from the head of the basement stairs.
View 'east' along the line of the balcony opening towards the basement.

Of course, forged work railings are notoriously difficult to photograph! These images are clearly 'in progress'.

One thing that is clear, the light lines of the interset individual rushes allows the light and view through the floor to ceiling south wall windows to clearly show through - as was the intention of the design. Another thing that these images shows is the impact of the colour. These panels are not black, but are a very dark green.

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