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A Viking Age 'Folding' Knife?

Posted by Julia on 27 December 2013 - 02:42 PM (Bladesmith's Forum)
I am doing some research into folding knives from the early medieval period.

So far I have tracked down a few of examples:

York find 13816 - Folding knife from Fishergate, York. - Late 14th Century
London find 309 - Folding knife from London (currently held in Museum of London) - Late 13th Century.
London find 310 - 14th Century.

Does anybody now of any other examples of Folding Knife finds, ideally from the 11th-13th Centuries in the UK/Western Europe?

This is a 'folding' knife, but in this case more of a swivel to present one of two cutting edges. I have made replicas of this blade several times, and the combination of short straight and longer slightly curved has proved excellent for small scale wood or antler carving.

You suggested 'early medieval' - this knife is from the Viking Age in England.
I have a copy of the almost impossible to find 'Viking Artifacts' and have included a direct scan of the images and related text.

I have seen a couple of folding blades that have a long stem that extends the line of the back of the knife. There is a pivot at the base of the blade. This allows you to fold the blade out of the handle, holding down the stem with your thumb to hold it in the open position. One had a wood / antler handle, one had a folded metal handle. Not sure if I have images (or specific details).

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