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Elora Sculpture Competition - 2104...

... or, what else I am working on just this moment.

Proposal : Elora Sculpture Project / 2014

Title : 'Spears of Summer'

'Spears of Summer' overview

Design details

 (below is a copy of my original submission description)

Artist's Description :

' Nature or Nurture? How closely are our objects inspired by nature, and that nature be found in even our most aggressive tools? Is it form or function that dictates?
The art of the ancient Celts was clearly influenced by the natural world. Are we looking here at a bundle of weapons, warped back to organic shapes? Or a grove of plants, frozen rigid? '

'Spears of Summer' is born of organic shapes I have been working with for some years now. Forged metals can shape and flex in a very organic way, and these processes have joined with my long immersion in the designs of the ancient Celts and Norse.  Here individual shafts curve in an expanding helix from a circular base. Each ends in a flattened 'spear' shape. Individual blades are edge punched in the long strokes of Celtic Ogham runes. (The text I am leaning to is 'From the furry of the North, deliver us' *) These details are accented through the use of highlighting with contrasting coloured paint. The lower shafts and thick base are left untreated so to allow for natural oxidation with time.
This is intended as a tall sculpture, the scale an important aspect of the intended impact.

Technical Details :

There will be between 8 - 12 individual upright elements (determined by the visual impact at full scale). These are forged from 1 1/2 or 2 inch wide by 1/8 web angle steel. The spear shaped ends are each roughly 3 or 4 inches wide (as flattened), and roughly 18 inches long. The 'stem' is formed by collapsing the angle into a rough cylinder form.
The base will be an irregular circle, cut from 1/4 inch thick steel plate. Each of the stems will end in a threaded rod (welded into place). This will allow individual uprights to be simply bolted into place on installation. (This arrangement also permits a certain amount of modification of location and position of each element, allowing adjustment of the overall sculpture.)
The base plate will be prepared with holes allowing it to be easily mounted to the prepared support on site.

Asking price : $2500

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