Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Replica - Meat Spit from Lund

A recent order was for a replica of a Viking Age Meat Spit, the original object found at Lund Sweden:
Original notes - Spit on left
The starting stock for the shaft of the spit was 1/2 inch square mild steel. To duplicate the look of the original starting bar, this material was hammered to slightly reduce the 'industrial' dimension. This also creates a slightly irregular surface.
Showing the profile hammering (change at hammer peen)
Finished re-profile, first twist in place
The artifact shaft is twisted along its length. To mimic the effect of the original use of a smaller heat zone (via a Norse type charcoal forge), individual segments were reduced to roughly 10 cm long. Each segment was given two complete rotations. With careful work, the result is a subtle shift in pitch over the smaller individual segments.
Twisting individual segments

The 'spear' end started with a separate piece of 1/4 x 1 inch flat mild steel bar. The material was drawn to a tapered point (tapers in thickness as well as width) over about 30 cm. Then a diamond cross section was hammered, to create a double edged blade. This was intentionally left only 'hammer sharp' - in use, it is the sharp point that allows meat to be pierced.

Blade portion rough forged
Bar split to start drawing points
Points drawn to cylindrical points & curved forward
The next major step was fitting the two main elements. The base of the spear was compressed between the points. The end of the shaft was slit open, then forged down to fit the spear.

Two elements fitted for welding
The last steps were to create a round ring, then prepare the top end of the shaft for curving to a small loop to hold this ring. The material for the ring was forged round from 1/4 inch square stock - again to create the correct type of surface texture.

Completed ring installed
The finished meat spit was just slightly larger than the original artifact. Artifact at 110 cm / replica at 120. (This due to a simple math error on my part!)

Finished replica

Although not part of my standard 'inventory' of Viking Age replica cookware, I have in fact replicated this object a number of times in the past.

As detailed here, 2014 price would be $150 CDN.

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