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Tentative Course Offerings - 2016

(Visit the web site as details are finalized!)

Introduction to Blacksmithing

Typically the second weekend each month
February through December

Basic Bladesmithing

June 28 -29

Forge Welding

March 26 - 27

Introduction to Layered Steels

August 27 - 28

Basics of Metal Casting (Pewter & Bronze)

February 27 - 28

Build a Zombie Killer

July 23 - 24

Forging the Viking Age

October 22 - 23

Basics of Bloomery Iron Smelting

May 21 - 22

Working with Bloomery Iron

November 26 - 27
NEW program!

Additional Courses Possible 
(based on demand)
Forge to Blade (one week)
Blacksmithing for Re-Enactors

Instructor: Darrell Markewitz
Darrell has been working with forged metals since the late 1970's, starting as a student at Ontario College of Art. Early work included 5 years at Black Creek Pioneer Village, finishing as primary interpreter/artisan blacksmith. In 1992 he started the Wareham Forge, full time as artisan, trainer and museum consultant. Since 1993 he has held a regular series of workshops at the Wareham Forge, as well as sessions at folk festivals, community colleges, and universities. A recognized specialist in the objects and techniques of the Viking Age at an international level, he has also trained staff, undertaken workshops and presentations at numerous museums, living history programs and academic specialty conferences. Since 2001 he has been involved in, and and instigator of, the "Early Iron' / bloomery iron smelting movement focusing on experimental archaeology related to the Northern European ' Dark Ages'. His personal work employs his signature 'Rivendale' design style, and ranges from pattern welded blades, sculptural objects, through to intermediate scale architectural commissions.

Facilities: the Wareham Forge
The shop combines traditional and modern equipment. employing both coal and propane forges. Powered equipment includes an air hammer, hydraulic press, MIG welder and oxy-propane torches, drill press, grinding and polishing machinery. There is also fully equipped fine metals studio available.
The Wareham Forge is located in Grey County (Central Ontario), about half way between Orangeville and Owen Sound. We are about 5 miles SE of the village of Flesherton, just off highway 10, (about 2 hours drive NW of Toronto).

Note that only 4 students will be accepted for each session. Each student will be provided with their own work station with two students sharing a single forge. Taken together this means close personal supervision and lots of hands on working time!

Available courses start with 'Introduction to Blacksmithing', to second level and advanced programs like 'Basic Bladesmithing', 'Forge Welding' and 'Layered Steels'
Unique are specialist historic metalworking programs such as  Iron Smelting', 'Aristotle Furnace' or 'Forging the Viking Age'.

Also available
Private Session (per day)
Group Session (discount plus custom content)
Remote Session (at your location)
Educational / Institutional Programs
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