Friday, October 16, 2015

Viking to Crusader - on line?

Those interested in the Viking Age in general will find this especially helpful.

The combination catalogue and commentary from the 1992 international exhibit 'From Viking to Crusader' has long been almost totally unavailable. As with many exhibit publications, only small numbers were originally printed. This was compounded by the fact that it was printed in many languages - for the countries that hosted the exhibit as it traveled.
I have long considered this volume to be almost the perfect exhibit companion volume. It had a very good overall summery of the historic period and cultural overview. Additionally, it had a small image and short description of every one of the exhibit objects, along with measurements and museum reference number.
This volume is worth its weight in gold to the serious re-enactor, especially those of us making replicas.

It is almost *impossible* to find a copy.

Neil Peterson shared this link:

This is a direct scan of each page of the full text.
It also is set up so you can download a PDF of the entire contents.

The presenter here is 'Maritime Heathen'
I freely warn you that I know absolutely nothing about this group - its slant or its intentions. They do appear to be based on Asatru - rather than living history specifically.
A fast look over their reading list does show a number of texts related to general Viking Age history topics - as downloads of various types.

Any way you slice it - you have to thank Maritime Heathen for making Viking to Crusader available.

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