Saturday, October 10, 2015



My faithful Mac G5 suffered a 'non recoverable error' yesterday morning.
For the technocrats out there, that means that it appears some hardware element quickly overheats and freezes the machine.
So I am struggling to recover the current working files since my last major backup - about the last 6 weeks worth.

This with a grant application due in 4 days and a potential project I'm quoting on deadline for Oct 15. Third quarter HST also due (like right now).

I am working on transferring over everything on to my MacBook lap top. Which, although having a broken screen, does mate with various external pieces to give me something like a functioning system.
This is running OS 10.5 however, which puts me over the 10.4 threshold. I had held at 10.4 for a long, long time, as that is the 'latest' Mac OS that allows running still older OS 9 in parallel. And in turn, all the software I have acquired and have depended on for roughly 20 years now.

This is most certainly going to create a major gap in many of my normal computer related work into the near future...

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