Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hanging at the Sauders

This is a wee bit of a travelog from my trip to Lexington Virgina for SMELTFEST 08. We were (grandly) hosted by Lee and Elizabeth Sauder. I will show the place we actually stayed at in a future post (just down the hill from Lee & Elizabeth's).

This is what their home looks like:

Lee built this passive solar house into a 'tolerably level spot on their mountainside acres. They are at something like 2800 feet - a very good amount above the town of Lexington (where the workshop is located). The view here is roughly towards the north. Elizabeth has a studio up even further behind the house. The slope is a good 20 degrees.
The following panoramic view is taken from roughly the foot of their drive. The images were taken by sweeping roughly west to east.

These images were taken on March 22. Those in Ontario know can see why we took a dream look at housing prices. Did see a 1500 square foot circa 1960's ranch style on 3 acres listed at a mere $200 K (certainly no more that around here!)...

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